Height: 5"4   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Black

Cari's current project is performing the role of Victorian "Sherlock-Holmes-meets-Batman" superhero, Mrs. Victoria Hawking, in Phoebe Roberts's serial theatre series Mrs. Hawking. She has performed in parts 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 - Vivat Regina, Base Instruments, Gilded Cages, Mrs Frost, and Fallen Women, respectively - from 2017-2020 as well as in the proof-of-concept film (forthcoming, Summer 2020). She looks forward to reprising the role in future episodes.

Cari's 14 years of classical dance training has come in handy onstage, as does her recent training in parkour and stage combat. She also enjoys dabbling in stage makeup, specializing in blue and green aliens.


By night an avid thespian, by day Cari is an English professor. She particularly enjoys fairy tales, both onstage (whether she’s playing the witch or the princess) and in the classroom (where she teaches their origins and evolution). 

SELECT Filmography 

Stunt Actor / Brawler

Narrow Street Film’s “A Fair Fight”

Post-Production, Summer 2020

Mrs. Victoria Hawking

Breaking Light Production's "Mrs. Hawking" (proof-of-concept film)

Post-Production, Summer 2020

Visit the IMDB page here

Female Lead

Paul Stamper’s “Blue Moon”

Post-Production, Spring 2019

Jacqueline ("The Boss")

Soul Injection Studio’s “Repentance”

Post-Production, Spring 2019

View the trailer here

SELECT theatrical Roles 

Prof. Catherine Van Helsing


Abbynormal Productions, June 2020 (live streamed)

Mrs. Victoria Hawking

Phoebe Roberts's Mrs. Hawking series:

--Part 6: Fallen Women

January 2020 (Arisia)

--Part 5: Mrs Frost

May 2020 (Watch City Steampunk Festival), January 2020 (Arisia)

May 2019 (Watch City Steampunk Festival), January 2019 (Arisia)

--Part 4: Gilded Cages

May 2019 (Watch City Steampunk Festival), January 2019 (Arisia)

May 2018 (Watch City Steampunk Festival), January 2018 (Arisia)

--Part 3: Base Instruments

May 2018 (Watch City Steampunk Festival), January 2018 (Arisia), May 2017 (Watch City Steampunk Festival), January 2017 (Arisia)

--Part 2: Vivat Regina

May 2017 (Watch City Steampunk Festival), January 2017 (Arisia)

Miss Scarlet

Clue Live! (Haunted Dinner Theatre at the Hawthorne Hotel)

Head First Events, September - October 2019


"The Enterprise Incident"

Mindy Klenoff's Gender-Swapped Star Trek

Post-Meridian Radio Players, August 2019

Charlotte (the narrator)

Amy Bennett-Zendzian's and Charlotte Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper

Post-Meridian Radio Players, March 2019

Audrey Goodwin

"The Boy Who Cried Wolfe"

Jeremy Holstein's Moriarty's Mysteries

Post-Meridian Radio Players, July 2018

Spring-Heeled Jack

Intramersive Media 

Hawthorne Moon, June 2018

Blackthorn Winter, March 2018

Narrator / Voice of Lizzie Borden

Matthew Wood’s Fall River Axe Murders

imaginary beasts, October 2016


Ballet Girl

George Brant's Elephant's Graveyard

NSCC Performing Arts Council, April 2016


Dr. Harriet Jekyll / Miss Edith Hyde

Tegan Kehoe's "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Miss Hyde" 

Monster in the Mirror

Post-Meridian Radio Players, October 2015


Snow White

Kelly Dwyer's "Losing It!"

Fractured Fairy Tales

Theatre@First's Festival@First 8, June 2015


Miss Havisham

Neil Bartlett's Great Expectations

NSCC Performing Arts Council, May 2015



British RP


Ballet, Tap, Jazz

Pauline Baker Roger's School of Dance

Stunt Fighting

Terry Traynor, Narrow Street Films

 Modeling & MISCellany 

Princess Lookalike

Freelance & with New England Princess Parties

Dec 2018-current

Dancer & Founding Member

Found Object Dance Company

Summer 2018-current

Mirax Terrik (Face Character)

Alderaan Base, Rebel Legion

For more, visit

Winter 2018-current


Annushka Munch Photography

Special Makeup Designer

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

Martian Makeup Design & Artist 

The Post-Meridian Radio Players, December 2017-2019

Gender-Swapped Star Trek: "Journey to Babel"

Andorian Makeup Design

The Post-Meridian Radio Players, January 2016 (Arisia)


Post-Meridian Radio Players Supervisory Committee (2016, 2017)

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